40 years of experience

in civil works and optic fibre installation

Tokal Floating is a Optic Fibre Installation company which provides turnkey solutions in the installation and maintenance in the Telecomunication infrastructure


Our field of expertise is the installation of all types of fibre optic cable, including:

Micro fibre

Conventional fibre

Bare fibre

Installation of micro ducts into conventional ducts as well as Duct Integrity Testing

With over 40 years of experience in civil works and optic fibre installation, as well as over 50 years in the Telecom network infrastructure, Tokal Floating has entrenched itself in our niche market and are committed to providing the best service to our customers. 

Our aim is to be recognised as the best optic fibre installation specialists and the leading infrastructure service provider in the telecommunications industry, which we aim to achieve through innovative business practices and quality assurance. 

Tokal Floating is actively involved in the upliftment of the community through our employment equity, B.E.E. and staff development programs.

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